BellCo Repair Center is your electrical repair service.
From alternators to head lights, we service and repair your electrical systems. If your having electrical problems no matter if it's a auto repair, power tool, lawn mower, bring it on in and we will get it repaired.
There are a lot of areas in a automobiles that can go wrong with its  electrical system.
Starter: The starter cranks the engine when the ignition switch is turned on. It’s located on the back of  the engine or the front of the
transmission. It’s a good idea to
have your starter tested to make
sure it is drawing the correct amount
of current every year.
Engine Starter
Alternator: The alternator is your
automobiles electrical charger. It generates direct
current for recharging the battery.
It’s very important to have your automobiles
charging system checked every year. Some
ways of knowing you have a bad alternator are
poor light operation,  dead battery, frequent bulb replacement and dashboard warning lights.
Battery:  The battery is the foundation
of your autos electrical system. It
supplies power to the starter and
ignition system. The battery gives the
extra power needed, when the electrical
load exceeds  the alternator’s supply.
Having your battery and it’s connections checked at every oil change is a very responsible thing to do.
Alternator for an engine
Battery for an automobile
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